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Pet Spa & Boutique / Doggie Daycare & Boarding

Our unique, one-stop, pet-care center offers an extensive array of quality services in a modern and stylish setting with highly experienced staff. Customer satisfaction is our primary purpose and paramount goal. We strive to be of the utmost service to those we serve and to respond to our client's needs in a timely, courteous, and professional manner. We are all truly animal people, which is reflected in our genuine affection for the animals and our dedication to caring for them compassionately.

Expert all-breed grooming for dogs and cats.

On-site boarding of your pets.

Segregated dog-free area used exclusively for boarding cats and other small pets.

We also offer convenient, timesaving pick-up and delivery of your pet in comfort and safety with our unique Pet Cab service provider.


We value our clients, listen to them, and are careful to address their pets' individual needs. We take time to ensure the safety of our client's pets, never compromising our high level of service. We ensure all our equipment, cages, and towels are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.

At Pet Spa & Boutique, our goal is simple: to develop a life-long relationship with you and your pet by providing the best professional and compassionate grooming service in South Texas.

Shop Hours: Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. / Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. / Sunday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Your pet's comfort and well being is our first concern, so please advise us of any special medical conditions, allergies or medications your pet may require.

Our groomers have been professionally trained and are highly qualified. They each have specialty breed-specific talents. We will make every effort to accommodate your individual grooming requests. Long hair or short, big or small, we groom them all with TENDER LOVING CARE and to the very best of our ability.

Taking your pet to the groomer should not be a stressful experience for you or your pet. As long-time pet owners, we understand your concerns about how your dog or cat is cared for, and can assure you that your pet will be treated with the same respect and loving care we give our own pets.

We groom cats as well as dogs, however, since the majority of our grooming pet clients are dogs, the following information pertains to that species.

Grooming can and should be an enjoyable part of every dog's life. We recommend that you start them as early as possible so that your pet will grow accustomed to the process. We will teach your pet to stand on a table without being afraid. We will also help them get used to brushing, bathing, nail trimming and clipping. We will make every effort to develop a trusting relationship with your dog.

As a dog owner you can also help out by frequently handling your dog's ears and rubbing his legs and feet so that he won't be alarmed when we work on those areas. Regular grooming can prevent several problems including painful mats, skin disorders, excessive shedding, flea and tick infestation, and many other conditions that can go unnoticed without regular grooming.


Frequent bathing helps keep your pet's skin healthy and the coat clean and shiny. Bathing will also help to remove loosened hair and help to keep your home clean and free of fur. At Pet Spa & Boutique we only use natural shampoos that are biodegradable, cruelty free, and non-toxic for your pet. If your dog or cat requires special shampoo, be sure to let us know.

How often your pet needs to be groomed depends largely on the breed. Shih tzus and many other breeds typically need to be groomed (and trimmed) every four to six weeks. Others many wish to be bathed more frequently. Wire-haired terries and other short-haired dogs can go about eight weeks between grooming. We can put your pet on a regular schedule according to his or her needs. Your pet will leave our shop looking and feeling great!

Products & Services

Services. Bath & Cut - This service consists of a bath, hand-blow drying, ear cleaning/plucking (if needed), nail trim, and the specific cut to fit your dog. This service ranges in price depending on the size, breed, and coat condition of the pet.

Bath & Brush - This service consists of a bath, ear cleaning, hand blow drying and brushing, and nail trim. Depending on need, the service can also include a light trim of face, feet and tail. The price range can vary greatly depending on the breed, size and coat of dog or cat.

Special Shampoo - We have a variety of special shampoos designed for your pet's comfort and needs. Upon request, we can use hypoallergenic or oatmeal shampoos for sensitive skin. We offer flea shampoos and can also use prescriptive shampoos that you bring from your vet.

Ear Cleaning - Many dogs have ears that are very susceptible to infection, excessive wax buildup, and odor. In an effort to control this we clean the ears thoroughly, as well as pluck out any excessive hair that has grown in the ear canal.

Toe Nail Trim - Overgrown nails can cause your pet a number of painful problems. Foot pads can become infected when nails grow into them, causing pet pain and discomfort. Nail trimming is a quick remedy that will eliminate most of these issues. Included with full service baths and brushes/baths and cuts.

DOG BOARDING - For dogs that can't be left at home for extended periods of time, we also offer dog boarding in the homes of our pet sitters. Your dog becomes an integrated member of the family and gets plenty of love and attention while you are away.

CAT BOARDING - Your cat can be boarded at our facility when you are away. Our rooming kennels are cleaned daily. Cats are socialized and exercised on a regular basis. We have a dog-free boarding area to minimize the stress of being away from home. We also offer a brightly lit room with a view and large window for people watching, where your cat is able to play on a cat tree or wander around.*

We offer a premium diet or you can bring your animal's favorite foods and bedding so they will feel more at home.

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